The real estate market can often times slow down as the holidays approach during the winter season. However, this does not have to mean that homes do not or cannot sell. Despite the schedule of holiday happenings or the colder weather, many people still need to move. Situational moves including things like a new job and relocation lead individuals to search for homes no matter what season they are in. Here are a bunch of selling tips if you are looking to sell your home during the winter.

Stay Seasonal: The holiday season comes with the chance to make your home inviting with festive decorations. Consider adding decorative garland, containers of greenery, colorful welcome mats or branches with berries to your home. Try to avoid decorations that are religious specific, but do keep wood stacked neatly by the fireplace, scented or pretty candles and plush blankets around for a warm environment.

Football Game Schedules: Pay close attention to football game times as trying to host an open house during a big game can cause for a slower open house. Pick a flexible time either before or after to avoid any conflicts.

Stage a Party: Along with the cooler winter weather comes holiday parties and get togethers. Try staging your home with an inviting display. Consider setting the dining table with your fine dinnerware, a bouquet of fresh flowers and holiday cookies on cake stands. This can show off your home’s best opportunities for entertaining.

Lighting: Now that some showings can take place in the afternoon when the days are shorter and darker, lighting is important. Make sure the blinds are open to allow for as much natural light as possible. Also, be sure you have ample lighting to keep all areas of the home bright. A well illuminated home can appear warmer, more inviting and sometimes even larger.

Competition: The winter can typically be a slower season for buyer traffic, but don’t get discouraged. Fewer homes on the market means that there will also be less competition for your home.

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