Once you have made the decision to list your home for sale, it is important that it be in excellent condition from cleanliness to curb appeal. However, what can you do to make your home stand out among the competition? Here are some tips on how to make buyer’s heads turn when they see your home.

Address Deferred Maintenance
Not everyone has the vision to see past worn paint, missing pieces of trim or a broken door hinge. Also, if buyers see items that need repair, it can lead them think that there may be other significant items that may need repair. Displaying your home in perfect condition will convince all that it has been well maintained.

Homes that are vacant or have too much furniture oftentimes do not to sell as quickly. An empty home is difficult for those who don’t have the imagination to see how it can accommodate furniture. Alternatively, too much furniture can pose the opposite problem – it can be tough to see the size of the rooms. Stage your home with the right amount of appropriately sized furniture to remove the guesswork.

Write a Compelling Listing Description
Be sure your home has professional photos and your description identifies all of the key points that your home has to offer. List all of the basic items like bed and bath count, but also include any significant improvements that you have made. Items like a new roof or HVAC systems are always good to point out. Finally, pointing out anything that may not be clear to every buyer like seasonal views or how you enjoy the backyard are also good.

Curb Appeal
The exterior of your property is the first and last thing that every buyer will see so you will want to make it inviting. Replace worn or dated fixtures, freshening up paint on entry doors or adding potted flowers will help create more of a positive impression for buyers.

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